releVEDA company, was created by vibration measurement technology specialists of the former VEDA PA (Kyiv). It has considerable continuity experience in design, manufacture, and implementation of thermal mechanical condition of industrial energy equipment control facilities, and gas transmission lines and pipelines.

The company is a manufacturer of full-featured special-purpose electronic measurement equipment, based on our own projects. Company products, adapted to the regulatory, technical, and industrial background of JSC 'Kiev factory relay and automation', have been in repetiotion work since 2003.


The vibration parameter monitoring equipment type 'VibroMaster-01', which passed the whole set of state tests, is entered in the State register of measuring GNPTs 'Ukrmetrteststandard' in Ukraine. The equipment being the mean of measurement and control has no analogues in capacity for implementation at respective sites. VEDA company provides the following services: maintainance and expert assistance and testing of vibration control equipment in SOE Ukrtransgaz enterprises, as well as the support of state checks. The company has scientific and technological potential for:

— creation of specific means of measurement, analysis and control of technological parameters of potential customer's entity;

— extension of functions and designs of serial devices.

Detailed information is presented in the "Products" section.

VEDA company is registered in the 'Journal of Accounting business entities engaged in the manufacture, repair, sale and rental of measuring equipment' with number 27-22/259 of 16.01.2002 by GNPT 'Ukrmetrteststandard' Ukraine.