Vibration equipment models

VibroMaster-01 (base)
Модель VibroMaster-01 created on the simple basics of the leading electronic component manufacturers.
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VibroMaster-01m (minim)
Model VibroMaster-01m does not have a monitor. Modules' measuring channels are located in remote sealed element to be installed in close proximity to the object of control.
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VibroMaster-01A (combi)
VibroMaster-01A is created on the basis of the basic model VibroMaster-01.
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NOTE. Hardware VibroMaster-01 is equipped with high-temperature accelerometer manufacturers, moreover, in accordance with the requirements of operation.

Vibration speed, Piezoaccelerometers
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Vibration displacement / axial shift, the primary transducers
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Standardized measurement module and inductive non-contact sensor-kommuitator.

Transmitters Voltage AC and DC
Standardized measurement module. Nutrition supernumerary primary converters stabilized by the 12V provide display apparatus.